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Skyline of Ajmah
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Mahfuz Ali, DUP
Mihammad Ahmad, DUP
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Governorate Misir
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Ajmah is the capital city of the Republic of Takistan and the largest city in Takistan. The estimated population of Ajmah is 3.2 million people through 7 districts. Ajmah was founded sometime around 88 AD, historians have often debated the foundation of city. Some historians have argued that the city was founded as a Roman colony in 87 AD while others have said that the Persian or later Sassanian Empires founded the city as a way to increase trade with Asia. Ajmah became the capital of the Takistan Soviet Socialist Republic in 1922 when the nation was founded and has served as it's capital continuously since.

Ajmah is the main economic, cultural and political center of Takistan. It is home to the Supreme Assembly Building as well as various other government buildings including the Presidential Palace. Ajmah is home to Ajmah International Airport, which was built by a joint investment of the Americans and the Russians early in 2001 in an effort to show cooperation between to the two countries towards Takistan.

The city is governed by a mayor-council system and Mahfuz Ali a member of the Democratic Unionist Party (Takistan) was elected Mayor in 2009. The Ajmah City Council is lead by Mihammad Ahmad a member of the Democratic Unionist Party. The city has been a hotbed of tension since the outbreak of the Kazak-Turkmen War in 2012 with weekly protests for and against the war. Both the Russians and Americans have embassies in Ajmah.



The city of Ajmah is governed by a mayor-council system. Mahfuz Ali, a member of the Democratic Unionist Party (Takistan) was elected Mayor in 2009. The Ajmah City Council is lead by Mihammad Ahmad a member of the Democratic Unionist Party from the Suwi sub-district. The mayor of Ajmah is widely considered to be one of the most prestigious and powerful political posts within Takistan.

The city has a long history with the Takistan National Democratic Party but recently the past two mayors have been from the neo-Ba'athist Democratic Unionist Party (Takistan). Political experts speculate that the reason behind this is the influx of Arab immigrants in the past 5 years. The Mayor and city council work hand in hand to operate the city of Ajmah which is the most important city in the entire country, the city council is technically an advisory board to the Mayor.

Administrative divisionsEdit

Ajmah is divided up into 8 sub-districts, Ajmah is located in the special Government District (Takistan) of the Misir Governorate. The 8 sub-districts of Ajmah are:

  1. Government sub-district
  2. Saiqur sub-district
  3. Soha sub-district
  4. Jubu sub-district
  5. Suwi sub-district
  6. Jiddayd sub-district
  7. Hasab sub-district
  8. Maila sub-district

These 8 sub-districts elect members to the Ajmah City Council, which is composed of 37 members. Each sub-district has 4 elected representatives and remaining 5 seats are given to the mayor of Ajmah, the deputy mayor and three special representatives from the Takistani government.