Armed Forces of Aldegar
Nīrūhā-ye Mojahhaz-e Aldegār
Armed Forces of Aldegar (Avestan)
Armed Forces of Aldegar Main
Founded 1927 (As modern military)
Current form 3530
Service branches Army of Aldegar Army of Aldegar

Navy of Aldegar Navy of Aldegar
Air Force of AldegarAir Force of Aldegar

Minister of Defense Vacant
Comm. of the Gen. Comm. Gen.

The Armed Forces of Aldegar (Aldegarian: Armed Forces of Aldegar (Avestan), tr. Nīrūhā-ye Mojahhaz-e Aldegār) is the combined military of Aldegar. The Armed Forces of Aldegar is comprised of the: Army of Aldegar, the Navy of Aldegar, the Air Force of Aldegar and the Ahadian Revolutionary Guard Corp (which is sometimes considered an "unofficial" branch). These four branches are led by the Commander-in-Chief who is the reigning Mobedan Mobed. The day to day leadership of the military is the duty of the Commander of the Aldegarian General Command, who is appointed by the President and approved by the Mobedan Mobed and the Guardian Council. The current Commander is Rostam Rustam Alinejad, a member of the army.

The Aldegarian Ministry of Defense is responsible for the civilian administration of the armed forces. The Minister of Defense sometimes doubles as the Commander of the General Command, this practice has been started by the Moderation and Development Party (Aldegar) in a way to ensure that the military runs as effective as possible. The armed forces suffered tremendously in the past, being a mid-rated armed force that has the potential to grow and be a powerful player in the region especially with the strategically important Aldegarian Canal.

Aldegar has had a large focus on it's army rather than it's navy and air force due to it being flanked on both sides, though with the creation of the Aldegarian canal the navy had seen an increased investment. In recent years the Aldegarian Navy has begun to see strides in building an effective offensive navy, adding several new warships and submarines to their arsenal to help enhance their offensive capabilities. Due to the nationalist stance the military begun to produce their items locally from previous foreign shipments.