The Armed Forces of Trigunia also known as the Imperial Trigunian Army is the combined military forces of the Trigunian Tsardom. The Imperial Trigunian Army is comprised of four official branches, the Imperial Trigunian Army, the Imperial Trigunian Navy, the Imperial Trigunian Air Service and the Imperial Trigunian Guard. The Imperial Trigunian Army is underneath the command of the General Military Inspectorate which is charged with overseeing the three military districts that make up Trigunia proper. The General Military Inspectorate is headed by the General Field-Marshal, who also serves as the Minister of Defense and Chief Inspector of the General Military Inspectorate. The fifth branch are the militarized Kozaks whose name stems from their ethnic group, the Kozaks. They are fierce "irregular" troops who are skilled at reconnaissance and asymmetric warfare techniques. They have their own system of ranks and often they hold dual ranks within the Imperial Trigunian Army and the Kozak systems.

The Imperial Trigunian Army is divided into three primary military districts: Eastern Military District, Central Military District and the Western Military District. The Central Military District deals primarily with mobilization, recruitment and oversight of forces within Vrosnok and is sometimes called the Petrovgrad Military District. The Eastern Military District is charged with Brakav and the Western Military District is charged with Radin and Zarvospol. Each of these is headed by an appointed Commander of the (NAME) Military District and is appointed directly by the Tsar and is automatically promoted to the rank below General Field-Marshal (Army, Air Service and the Imperial Trigunian Guard) and Admiral (Navy) and given full authority within the district to manage all facets of the Trigunian military districts.

Command and controlEdit

The Imperial Trigunian Army is headed by the Commander-in-Chief who is the Tsar and Autocrat of all Trigunia as well as the Hetmann (Commander) of the Kozaks in Trigunia. Overall, the General Military Inspectorate is responsible for the overall management of the military districts underneath their command.