Artanian Defense Group
Artanische Verteidigungsgruppe
Type Societas Artaniae
Industry Defense and defense services
Founded 3900, Dorvik
Headquarters Wasse am Kas, Haldor
Area served Worldwide
Key people Sigismund Bahnsen (CEO)
Employees 110,100 (3960)

The Artanian Defense Group (Dundorfian: Artanische Verteidigungsgruppe) is a multinational defense corporation founded by members of the Artanian Union in order to promote a common defense industry. The project was originally bought into by Rutania and Ibutho, both countries have contracted with the ADG since its foundation in 3900 by former members of the Dorvish defense industry. ADG, since its foundation, has been dominated by Dorvish business men and women. The Dorvish government owns the largest stake in ADG with 20%, with the Rutanian government owning 10% and Ibutho owning 7%.

The Department of Macroeconomic Policies and Economic Cooperation, which supervises the Artanian Central Bank and the Artanian Infrastructure Investment Bank, announced that companies throughout Artanian would be permitted to become Societas Artaniae and operate underneath Artanian Union corporate laws to provide easier access to purchasing and investment into the company. The primary factories of the company are based out of Dorvik itself, while each country has offices located within the respective capital of each nation. The headquarters of the entire corporation is located in the Wasse am Kas, Haldor, Kordusia in Dorvik.



  • Unionfighter Typhoon (Based on the Eurofighter) (Joint venture between Rutania and Dorvik)
  • Unioncopter Tiger (Based on the Eurocopter Tiger) (Joint venture between Rutania and Dorvik)
  • ADG Tornado ADV (Based on the Panavia Tornado ADV) (Primarily a Dorvish-based project, minor contributions from AU partners)
  • ADG Tornado IDS (Based on the Panavia Tornado IDS) (Primarily a Dorvish-based project, minor contributions from AU partners)
  • ADG Tornado ECR (Based on the Panavia Tornado ECR) (Primarily a Dorvish-based project, minor contributions from AU partners)
  • ADG 1850C (Based on the TRANSALL C-160)
  • ADG 3300C (Based on the Airbus A400M)
  • AH-90 (Based on the NH Industries NH 90)


  • Storm Hammer (Based on the Storm Shadow CM) (Joint venture between Luthori and Dorvik)
  • KEPD 350 (Based on the Taurus KEPD 350) (Joint venture between Dundorf and Dorvik)

Member countries (as of 3970)Edit