The Brigade based combat system (Dorvish: Brigade basierten Kampfsystem) is the newly introduced basic unit of organization of the Armed Forces of Dorvik, namely the Dorvish Army. Developed and implemented primarily by Colonel-General Michel Fuchs in the early 3460s and implemented upon his rise to the position of Chief of Staff of the Dorvish Army General Staff in mid 3470s. The BBCS is meant to eliminate corps, army and army group structures within the Dorvish Army and permit the army to maneuver with efficiency and mobility. It is also seen as a mean to permit the Dorvish army to cut back on spending and remove some of it's unnecessary equipment to enter into research and development.

The standard Dorvish combat brigade is around 4,000 to 5,000 soldiers, including officers and support staff. More often then not the brigade is commanded by a Colonel or in rare instances a Major General. The Dorvish brigade is meant to be sustained over long periods of time in combat and outside of territorial areas, placing emphasis on logistical and intelligence sources in order to permit the unit to sustain combat over an extended period of time.

Infantry BrigadeEdit

The standard Dorvish infantry brigade is made up of two battalions of infantry, including a headquarters and weapons company. It includes a reconnaissance battalion which includes a headquarters company, 2 mounted reconnaissance companies and a dismounted reconnaissance company. Infantry battalions include a field artillery "battalion" which consists of two batteries of 8 of either towed or self-propelled artillery pieces (towed units include a transportation company), spotting, survey and meteorological teams. Another component of a Dorvish infantry brigade is the special infantry battalion which consists of engineering, military intelligence, signal and communications companies as well as a headquarters company. The final component of a Dorvish infantry brigade is the presence of a brigade support battalion (BSB) which comprises a headquarters company, a distribution and materials company, a medial company, a field maintenance company and 4 forward support companies (2 infantry, 1 reconnaissance and forward artillery).

Motorized Infantry BrigadeEdit

Mechanized Infantry BrigadeEdit

Armored Combat BrigadeEdit