The Collapse of the Dundorfian Reich (Dundofian: Zusammenbruch des Dundorfischen Reiches) was a series of historical conflicts and events which began with the First Dundorfian Civil War, despite primarily being a military conflict between Dundorfian royalist and Dundorfian socialist elements, it was also a massive social, economic and political period of upheaval. The collapse of the Dundorfian Reich was primarily battled in Northern Artania with the vast majority of conflict in Dundorf proper while the conflict extended as far as the shores of Rutania and as north as Miktar and Largonia in modern day Dorvik. The collapse of the Dundorfian Reich was the primary catalyst for the foundation of National Socialism, a radical syncretic ideology which stressed the unity of the Dundorfian people and control of the state by the party. The conflict lasted until the late 1940s when the various parties were far too exhausted to continue the battle and peace process were being pushed by all sides.