The Collective Security and Cooperation Organization was founded on August 1st, 3704 by Dorvik, Indrala and Gaduridos. The Collective Security and Cooperation Organization, known commonly as the CSCO. The organization was founded as an effort of political groups within the three founding nations as an international organization dedicated to the building of peace, cooperation and security throughout the world. The organization purchased the territory known as the "International Territory" from the Council of Terran States, the previous failed attempt at a major international organization. The former head of the Council of Terran States, Dundorfian Christian Jund stated that "...I wish the CSCO the best of luck, with these nations we might just have a chance at something here."

The CSCO is headed by a rotating Secretary-General which is shifted every four years between member nations. The CSCO is made up of three permanent organs, the Permanent Council, the Security Council and the Secretariat. The Permanent Council is the dedicated forum for members of the CSCO to discuss issues, concerns, suggestions and the like in a forum which is guided by a rotating chair. The Security Council consists of the three permanent members Dorvik, Gaduridos and Indrala, the permanent members are the only members who have veto authority within the Security Council. The remaining two seats are rotated between members of the CSCO. The final organ of the CSCO is the Secretariat which is the administrative portion of the CSCO and responsible for the administration of the CSCO.