Communist Committee for Security
Коммунистическая Комитет безопасности
Kommunisticheskaya Komitet Bezopasnosti
Comitetul Comunist pentru Securitate
Drošības komunistu komiteja
Formed March 3291
Dissolved 3311
Jurisdiction United Kerisian Socialist Republic
Employees State Secret
Annual budget State Secret
Parent department Council of Ministers, UKSR

The Communist Committee for Security (Rodshya: Kommunisticheskaya Komitet Bezopasnosti (KKB), tr. Kommunisticheskaya Komitet Bezopasnosti, Kizenian: Comitetul Comunist pentru Securitate (CCS), Dolgavan: Drošības komunistu komiteja (DKK)) is the domestic and foreign intelligence service of the United Kerisian Socialist Republic operating in the republics of Trigunia and Kizenia. It began in March 3291 as an attempt to secure the republics of Trigunia and Kizenia from dissident elements and overall solidify control for the party.


Modus OperatiEdit


The KKB is broken into a variety of different directorates, which are each responsible for a branch of intelligence matters including the military, foreign intelligence, counter-intelligence and others. The KKB Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Chairman of republican branches and directorate chiefs are included in the KKB Presidum which assists in the running of the KKB.


  • First Directorate (Foreign intelligence)
  • Second Directorate (Counter-intelligence)
  • Third Directorate (Military intelligence and military counter-intelligence)
  • Fourth Directorate (Transportation Security)
  • Fifth Directorate (Censorship, media, religion, arts, sciences, political dissidents and intelligence)
  • Sixth Directorate (Economic counter-intelligence and security)
  • Seventh Directorate (Domestic intelligence and surveillance)
  • Eighth Directorate (Communications and cryptological intelligence, research and development)
  • Ninth Directorate (Guards of the party, important installations, VIP protection and associated)
  • Tenth Directorate (Research and development of KKB projects)
  • Border Guards Directorate

Other branchesEdit

  • KKB Secretariat
  • Administration Department of the KKB
  • KKB Spetznaz Units

KKB SpetznazEdit

The KKB in Trigunia was responsible for creating a special forces which was used throughout the entire UKSR. Special purpose forces (Russian: Войска специального назначения tr: Voyska spetsialnogo naznacheniya) known by their shortened name Spetznaz is a term used for all Trigunian and UKSR special forces. The KKB Spetznaz unit is divided into two 100-man units known as "Victory" (Pobeda) and "Hunter" (Okhotnik).