Council of Ministers of the Dorvish Republic
Ministerrat der Dorvische Republik
Coat of Arms of the Dorvish Republic
Seal of the Council of Ministers
Agency Overview
Formed September 20th, 2000
Headquarters State Executive Building, Haldor

The Council of Ministers of the Dorvish Republic (Dorvish: Ministerrat der Dorvische Republik) is the name for the collective of government ministers who assist the State Chancellor of the Dorvish Republic in doing their job. The Council of Ministers was created in 2000 after the overthrow of the Dorvish Monarchy, and was officially named the Council of Ministers on December 7th, 3192 after legislation by the Communist Party of Dorvik.

In August 3338 became known as the Council of Ministers of the Dorvish Federation when the Government Reconstruction Act passed in the last session of the People's Chamber. It retained it's name when the monarchy was restored briefly in the mid 3400s but was coined as the "Imperial" Council of Ministers. When the Dorvish Social Nationalist Party restored the Dorvish Federation in 3501 the name returned to be informally the "Federal" Council of Ministers, even through the Dorvish Republic and the Terran Builder dictatorship, the Council of Ministers name has remained. The current Council of Ministers is listed here, here you can see the List of former Dorvish governments.

Council of Ministers (3964 through present)Edit

Seal Office Incumbent Party
100px State Chancellor of the Dorvish Republic Sigismund von Desidier SNP
100px Vice State Chancellor NA SNP
100px Minister of Foreign Affairs Viktor Auer SNP
100px Minister of the Interior Waldemar von Wädenssteig-Schwarzburg-Stralbrück SNP
100px Minister of Finance Rüdiger von Asnacht SNP
100px Minister of War Volker von Auspitz-Topol SNP
100px Minister of Justice Jörg Schumacher SNP
100px Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Manuel Korngold SNP
100px Minister of Health and Social Services Vincent Schwerdtfeger SNP
100px Minister of Education, Culture and Research Ägidius von Weinsedorf SNP
100px Minister of Science and Technology Aayden Kluck SNP
100px Minister of Food and Agriculture Jörg Klee SNP
100px Minister of Environment and Tourism Jochen Pollmächer SNP
100px Minister of Trade and Industry Justin Höger SNP
100px Minister of Communications and Mass Media Klemens Gutfreund SNP
100px Minister of Economic Cooperation and Development Armin von Blankenburg SNP
Offices with the Status of Minister
100px President of the State Bank of Dorvik Magnus Hillebrand NA
100px State Secretary of the State Security and Defense Council Detlev Schnitzer NA
Permanent Representative to the Artanian Union
State Secretary of Foreign Affairs for the Artanian Union
Florentin Weiz NA