Democratic Labor Party
Ҳизби меҳнат демократӣ
Hizbi mehnat demokratī
Party Leader
Umarali Azziov
March 3874
Youth Wing
Unionist Alliance
National Conservatism
Kali nationalism
International Affiliation
Official Color
Political Position
Seats in the People's Imperial Council
14 / 99
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Elections of Kalistan

The Democratic Labor Party (Kali: Ҳизби меҳнат демократӣ, tr. Hizbi mehnat demokratī) was founded in March 3874 to restore native Kali rule to Kalistan. The DLP is headed by former businessman Umarali Azziov, a former head of a Kalistani metal working factory. The Democratic Labor Party and the Kali people maintain close ties with their ancestral Trigunian brothers and sister, the Kali people underwent Ahmadization centuries ago and elements of the Democratic Labor Party favor a Ahmadi democracy in Kalistan, however the majority of the party does not.

The Democratic Labor Party wants to restore the Kalistani Democratic Republic, a government that was founded in the early 20th century and eventually was over run by the current pretender Kalistani government. The Democratic Labor Party replaced the National Republican Committee as the leading party of the Kalistani government-in-exile in Trigunia.


The Democratic Labor Party has it roots in the National Republican Committee of the Kalistani government-in-exile, the government which has lead the efforts to restore native Kali rule to Kalistan since 3860 and historically since the early 20th century. The National Republic Committee announced that it was going to found a political party in Kalistan to attempt to uproot the current government and restore native Kali rule to the country. Umarali Azziov, the former head of one of the largest metal working facilities in Kalistan announced that he would fund the development of Kalistani party and would go on to be its candidate for President, the National Republican Committee folded into the Democratic Labor Party and the DLP took over rule of the Kalistani government-in-exile.

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Leadership and factionsEdit

The Democratic Labor Party is headed by an elected Party Chairman, currently Umarali Azziov. The party chairman is elected by the Central Committee of the Democratic Labor Party, the Central Committee is comprised of members who are elected by the General Congress which meets every four years to elect party leadership. The Central Committees makeup changes at the desire of the General Congress, 2/3 of the Central Committee are elected by the General Congress with the remaining members being appointed by the Party Chairman. The Central Committee is the day to day operator of the party and functions as a sort of shadow cabinet to the ruling government cabinet.

The Democratic Labor Party has multiple factions within the party, the two primary party factions are the Democratic Trigunians and the Ahmadic Renaissance. There are other factions including Millitarist, Liberal Nationalist and Ultra Nationalist. The Democratic Trigunians are the largest political faction within the party, they are pro-Trigunian Kali who wish to see closer ties with the Trigunian people and government. The Ahmadic Renaissance is the largest pro-Ahmadi force in Kalistan.