Democratic Unionist Party
Hizb Al-Itahadi Al-Democrati
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Party Leader
Amjad Tawfeek
August 15th, 2004
Youth Wing
Unionist Youth
International Affiliation
Iraqi Ba'athist Party
Official Color
Political Position
3 / 375
Politics of Takistan
Political parties of Takistan
Elections in Takistan

The Democratic Unionist Party (Takistani: Hizb Al-Itahadi Al-Democrati, الوحدوي الديمقراطي حزب) is a neo-Ba'athist political party in Takistan. It is aligned with the Iraqi Ba'aathist movement and is the newest political party in Takistan. It was founded in 2004 after several former politicians of Hussein-era Iraq fled after the coalition closed in on their enclaves in Iraq. The party was subject to extreme scrutiny when it was founded and it announced it's ideology, however in recent months has received support for it's platform as it was has asked for closer cooperation with the Middle East.


Anwer Abdulrashid, Jafar Mohammed, Afzal Amjad, Dawood El-Ghazzawy and Amjad Tawfeek were all ranking members of Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq before the coalition invasion placed Saddam on the run. Amjad Tawfeek had contacts in Takistan who invited him and his closest allies to Takistan. When they arrived in 2003 they found a nation that was ripe for a "renaissance". On August 15th, 2004 the five men registered the Democratic Unionist Party after much scrutiny from the National Elections Commission of Takistan however they received support from within the ranks of the Takistani government, leading to much speculation that Ba'athist had already had a foothold in the Takistani government.

The party experienced little success in elections until the general elections in 2009 when they secured 3 seats in the national assembly and political experts say that they are likely to capture more seats in the coming general elections in 2012. The party was once a member of the Left Alliance but they left the alliance when political strategist advised that they would receive more support if they vacated the electoral alliance.


Party leadership and representationEdit

  • Amjad Tawfeek - Premier of the Democratic Unionist Party