In Dorvik the civil service is responsible for upholding the hierarchy of the Dorvish government and the Dorvish military. The Dorvish military maintains their own ranks and pay-grade they are similar to that of the civil service. The Dorvish civil service is widely regarded as an efficient model of bureaucracy though reports from independent watchdogs have maintained that the Dorvish bureaucracy is both "reactionary and naturally conservative". The Dorvish civil service is divided into multiple levels and maintains a hierarchy of levels in order to ensure maximal efficiency.

The Dorvish civil service is underneath the auspices of the Federal Civil Service Administration (Dundorfian: Föderale Beamten Verwaltung, FBV) which is an independent government agency of the Government of Dorvik. The Dorvish Civil Service is broken into four grades: Junior Service, Middle Service, Upper Service and Senior Service. The standard ranks are seldom used and are more for internal matters. Each level or branch uses its own titles and names for the levels.

District civil servants are only permitted to obtain up till pay grade JD6, District Government civil servants are permitted to obtain up to pay grade MD10, State civil servants are permitted to obtain up to pay grade OD19 and Federal civil servants are permitted to obtain up to SD21. Pay grades SD22 and SD23 are obviously only obtainable if appointed by the legislature. Members of the Diet and the Federal Councilor are pay grade OD17.


  • JD1 - Assistant (Assistent)
  • JD2 - Senior Assistant (Oberassistent)
  • JD3 - Head Assistant (Hauptassistent)
  • JD4 - Leader (Leiter)
  • JD5 - Senior Leader (Oberleiter)
  • JD6 - Head Leader (Hauptleiter)
  • MD7 - Secretary (Sekretär)
  • MD8 - Senior Secretary (Obersekretär)
  • MD9 - Head Secretary (Hauptsekretär)
  • MD10 - Inspector (Inspektor)
  • OD11 - Senior Inspector (Oberinspektor)
  • OD12 - Head Inspector (Hauptinspektor)
  • OD13 - Councilor (Rat)
  • OD14 - Senior Councilor (Oberrat)
  • OD15 - Head Councilor (Hauptrat)
  • OD16 - Director (Direktor)
  • OD17 - Executive Director (Leitender Direktor)
  • OD18 - Lander Administrator (Staat Administrator)
  • OD19 - Staathalter (Lander Governor)
  • SD20 - State General-Director (Staats Generaldirektor) or State Secretary (Staatssekretär)
  • SD21 - Minister
  • SD22 - State Chancellor
  • SD23 - President