Dorvish Oil Company
Dorvische Ölgesellschaft
Type Public
Traded as DSE: DOROL
Industry Oil and gas
Founded June 3411
Headquarters 11 Riese st., Haldor, Kordusia
Key people Momchil Adler (Chairman)
Vladimir Voigts(Deputy Chairman and CEO)
Products Petroleum, natural gas, and other petrochemicals
Services Gas pipeline transport
Revenue LOD$100.9b (3411)
Net income LOD$67.3b (3411)
Owners Dorvish government (75.00%)
Employees 276,000

Joint Stock Company Dorvish Oil (Dorvish: Aktiengesellschaft Dorvische Öl) or AGS DorOl also known as the Dorvish Oil Company (Dorvish: Dorvische Ölgesellschaft) is the largest extractor of natural gas in the northern Artanian region. It is headquartered in the Betzen district of Haldor, Kordusia. The company is commonly known as DOS or DÖS, which is a contraction of the Dorvish name of the company.

The company was created at the behest of the Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, the Dorvish governments personal investment and holding ministry. The company was infused with a 6b DDO budget from it's outset and the projected profits are around $100.9b LOD due to creation of a brand new pipeline. The company hopes to create three pipelines the South stream, Southeast stream and Southwest stream which would run through Artania providing cheap and affordable oil and gas.


Creation (3411)Edit

The Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development consulted with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism to possibly explore the potential that the Dorvish coast had oil and through explorations over the course of two months it was discovered that the Dorvish coast held a substantial amount of oil. The Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development with it's impressive budget of 20b DDO created the Dorvish Oil Company with permission received by the Dorvish government.


The management of DOS is conducted through three levels the Board of directors, the Management Committee and the major independent shareholders of the company. The board of directors is appointed by the Dorvish government and is led by the Chairman of the board of directors who is appointed by the government, namely the President. The next level, and perhaps the most important of the company is the management committee which is responsible for the day to day operations of the company, the CEO is appointed by joint compromise of the Dorvish government and the board of directors. The Chairman of the board of directors is Momchil Adler (since June 3411) and Vladimir Voigts is Deputy Chairman of the board of directors and Chief Executive Officer of the management committee.]