The Dorvish Stock Exchange (Dorvish: AKS Dorvische Börse) is the largest exchange group in Dorvik, operating markets in equities, bonds, derivatives, FX, money markets and precious medals and commodities.


The Dorvish Stock Exchange was developed by the Communist Party of Dorvik with it's "market socialism" plans when it had taken government. The DSE was the brainchild of Raymond Petrov and his economic team. The ground was laid by the Dorvish Trading Group which was developed by the Dorvish government in order to open the DSE, the DTG opened the Dorvish Stock Exchange in January 3000 and began trading in May 3000. The Dorvish Stock Exchange has struggled through various governments of Dorvik but has consistently remained open to trading throughout its entire history.

The government of Dorvik owned the exchange throughout it's entire history until 3500 when the government released a IPO for the Dorvish Trading Group, the IPO raised nearly 15 billion Dolgars (approximately $2.743 billion LOD).


The current CEO of the Dorvish Stock Exchange is Blazhe Tomov who took over the position in 3590 and in 3591 Tomov appointed Hannes Schultze as the CFO of the DSE. Schultze was formerly a member of the Regulatory Board of the Dorvish Ministry of Finance. The two have worked extensively to enlarge the capabilities of the Dorvish Stock Exchange. Heribert Schlusser is the Chairman of the Supervisory Board.

Companies tradedEdit

Name Location Ticker Price High Low Change (%)
Dorvish Oil Company Haldor, Kordusia DOROL 141.50 141.58 139.93 0.00