Reichsdundorfische (Luthoran: Reichs Dundorfians) are Dundorfians who live in in Dundorf proper. Despite the term losing ground with the recent decades of socialist government within Dundorf, it remains a very common term in the discussion of people living within the Dundorfian state. Reichsdundorfische are those who are born in Dundorf and to Dundorfian parents.


Volksdundorfische (Luthoran: People's Dundorfians) are Dundorfians who live in the are that Dundorf once controlled, the concept of Volksdundorfische has run into several issues. Some first considered it to be similar to the concept of Auslanddundofische with those living abroad but it came to encompass the ideals that it refers to those who accept Dundorfian culture and are inherently Dundorfian. For instance, a large majority of Volksdundorfische live in Merkan, Kirlawa while they are Kirlawan citizens and a good majority of them are Kirlawan nationalist, they are considered to be similar to Dundorfians and keep a good majority of Dundorfian values and culture while adapating into their own.

During the early 18th, 19th and 20th century the Dundorfian government worked extensively to have the Volksdundorfische supplant their national governments to further hold together the crumbling Dundorfian Empire. The term and concept of Volksdundorfische is applied to those ethnic groups such as the Lormans, Dorvish, and the Alorians, Kirlawans, Ikradonians who adhere to Dundorfian culture still despite their national governments suppressing them. Traditionally Volksdundorfische have close association with each other and form into Selbstschutzverband (Dundorfian: Self protection associations) which are groups of Volksdundorfische who work together in either political, economic and cultural association. These close communities work together to ensure that they are not targets of prosecution.

In recent centuries only the Dorvish, Lormans and some Rutanians have continued to use the concept of Volksdundorfische, while others such as the Alorians, Kirlawan and a majority of Rutanians have attempt to deny their ethnicities. The Volksdundorfische Cultural Association (Luthoran: Volksdundorfische Kulturverein) which is a large pan-Dundorfian volksdundorfische association has recognized that certain members of foreign states do not have a right to claim to be Volksdundorfische due to their lack of adherence to culture.


Auslanddundorfische (Luthoran: Foreign Dundorfians) are Dundorfians who are live abroad throughout the world. Many Dundorfians who live abroad have the ability to have dual citizenship despite laws within the Dundorfian nation; the law traditionally applies to non-ethnic Dundorfians who apply for dual citizenship. Auslanddundofische were targeted throughout history as agents of the Dundorfian state as Dundorfians traditionally maintain a close nationalistic love of their home country, however this is not always true. Auslanddundorfische are offered perks and things to bring them home on occasion and traditionally are those who travel abroad for business or religious reasons.