The State Administration Service (Dundorfian: Staatsverwaltungdienst) formerly the Federal Civil Service Administration is the Dorvish government agency which manages the Dorvish bureaucracy and is responsible for staffing government offices, dealing with management of personnel and other duties related to the field of civil service. The State Administration Service falls underneath the jurisdiction of the Ministry of the Interior and is headed by an appointed General-Director.


The Dorvish invented a vast bureaucracy in order to effectively manage the government of Dorvik, the Dorvish bureaucracy has been reported by numerous agencies as one of the most effective government bureaucracies in the world however some report that is "inherently reactionary and conservative, however this is a product of the Dorvish culture". The Federal Civil Service Administration is broken down into four layers: Junior grade, Middle grade, Upper grade and Senior grade. Junior grade and middle grade are reserved for lower state and federal officials while upper grade are reserved for the same, senior grade is reserved for Federal officials.

Levels of the Dorvish civil serviceEdit

  • JD1 - Assistant (Assistent)
  • JD2 - Senior Assistant (Oberassistent)
  • JD3 - Head Assistant (Hauptassistent)
  • JD4 - Leader (Leiter)
  • JD5 - Senior Leader (Oberleiter)
  • JD6 - Head Leader (Hauptleiter)
  • MD7 - Secretary (Sekretär)
  • MD8 - Senior Secretary (Obersekretär)
  • MD9 - Head Secretary (Hauptsekretär)
  • MD10 - Inspector (Inspektor)
  • OD11 - Senior Inspector (Oberinspektor)
  • OD12 - Head Inspector (Hauptinspektor)
  • OD13 - Councilor (Rat)
  • OD14 - Senior Councilor (Oberrat)
  • OD15 - Head Councilor (Hauptrat)
  • OD16 - Director (Direktor)
  • OD17 - Ministerial director (Ministerialdirektor)
  • OD18 - Head President (Oberpräsident)
  • OD19 - General-Director (Generaldirektor)
  • SD20 - State Secretary (Staatsekretär)
  • SD21 - Minister of the Government
  • SD22 - State Chancellor of the Dorvish Republic
  • SD23 - President of the Dorvish Republic