Foreign Intelligence Service
Preceding Special Intelligence Service
Headquarters Kaminski Building
Employees 20,000
Annual budget Classified.

The Foreign Intelligence Service (Dorvish: Auslandsnachrichtendienst, AND) is the primary foreign intelligence agency of Dorvik. The Foreign Intelligence Service joins the rest of the Dorvish intelligence community with its primary focus being foreign intelligence and foreign intelligence operations. The service is headed by the General-Director of the Foreign Intelligence Service, the General-Director is appointed by the President of the Dorvish Republic and confirmed by the State Council. The General-Director sits on the State Security and Defense Council.

The Foreign Intelligence Service is responsible for foreign intelligence as well as assisting in counter-intelligence operations domestically and abroad. The AND is responsible for working out intelligence-sharing agreements with foreign intelligence agencies and foreign nations. The AND is by law required to share intelligence with domestic agencies or allies that might potentially save lives of Dorvish citizens or allied citizens. It is common for the AND to create and manage reliable intelligence networks throughout the world.

While the Dorvish have grown to use the AND for other purposes besides defense of the nations borders, the Dorvish still lack some of the the fundamental needs in foreign intelligence. For quite sometime the Dundorfian Reich saw the use of intelligence (and spies as a whole) as dishonorable and skated around their use. The Dorvish eventually adopted the use of spies but have never been highly skilled at it due to the overall culture of the nation. In the past several decades however the Dorvish have began to adopt more and more clandestine strategies.


The Foreign Intelligence Service succeeded the Special Intelligence Service which was broken into the then Federal Security Service (now State Security Service) and the Foreign Intelligence Service. The Foreign Intelligence Service has persisted since the creation of the first Dorvish Federation which saw the SIS broken apart and the two separate spheres formed.

Underneath General-Director Kastner the Foreign Intelligence Service re-organized its structure to better fit the goals of the Dorvish state and people. Its focused remains on overseas counter-intelligence as well as gauging the strength of foreign powers in relation to Dorvik's own strength.

Command structureEdit

  • Central Department
  • Foreign Intelligence Group (Department)
    • Office "A" - False documents, photos and doctored information
    • Office "B" - Cooperative Military intelligence
    • Office "C" - Technical intelligence
    • Office "D" - Signals intelligence
    • Office "E" - Cyber intelligence
    • Office "F" - Air intelligence
    • Office "G" - Maritime intelligence
    • Office "H" - Economic intelligence
  • Foreign Counter-Intelligence Group (Department)
  • Foreign Operations Group (Department)