The Index of Magistrates (Selucian: Index Magistratuum) is the document which is inscribed with the names of the magistrates which are elected by the Senate. In the Selucian Empire, it is considered an honor to be among the thousands of names who have given their lives to service of the Senate and the People of Selucia. Men who are on the Index are considered Homines Magnitudo or men of greatness. The Index of Magistrates is a public document and it's lists are publicly displayed on the walls of the Hall of Magistrates, a building dedicated to all those who served the Empire.


Current officialsEdit

  • consul primaris (Head of government)
  • consul secondus (Foreign affairs)
  • praefectus urbanus (Internal affairs)
  • quaestor urbanus (Finance)
  • magister militum (Defense)
  • praetor urbanus (Justice)
  • quaestor artificio et industria (Trade & Industry)