The Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity has 96 chapters, as of right now 36 are active with other projects in the process of re-activating.

Chapter School Foundation Status
Alpha (A) Syracuse University 11/5/1914 Inactive
Beta (B) Columbia Unviserity 6/1/1916 Inactive
Gamma (Γ) Yale University 3/15/1919 Inactive
Delta (Δ) Polytechnic University 4/30/1920 Inactive
Epsilon (Ε) University of Buffalo 3/1/1921 Inactive
Zeta (Z) Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 3/21/1921 Inactive
Eta (H) City College of New York 6/18/1921 Inactive
Theta (Θ) New York University (Washington Heights) 12/10/1921 Inactive
Iota (Ι) Union College 12/11/1921 Inactive
Kappa (K) Case Western Reserve University 11/1/1922 Inactive
Lambda (Λ) University of Pennsylvania 11/4/1922 Inactive
Mu (M) Cornell University 12/22/1922 Active (Colony)
Nu (N) University of Pittsburgh 2/4/1923 Inactive
Xi (Ξ) Ohio State University 4/8/1923 Inactive
Omicron (Ο) University of Michigan 6/18/1923 Inactive
Pi (Π) West Virginia University 12/22/1923 Inactive
Rho (Ρ) Carnegie Mellon Institute 2/6/1926 Inactive
Sigma (Σ) Boston University 2/12/1927 Inactive
Tau (Τ) Massachusetts Institute of Technology 12/1/1928 Inactive
Upsilon (Υ) Harvard University 12/1/1928 Inactive
Phi (Φ) University of Alabama 2/23/1929 Inactive
Chi (Χ) Pennsylvania State University 3/1/1929 Active
Psi (Ψ) Duquesne University 3/17/1929 Active
Omega (Ω) University of Rochester 3/1/1929 Inactive
Beta Beta (BB) Manhattan College 12/28/1929 Active
Beta Gamma (BΓ) College of William and Mary 2/21/1930 Inactive
Beta Delta (BΔ) Template University 3/21/1930 Inactive
Theta Beta (ΘB) New York University (Washington Square) 9/3/1930 Active
Beta Epsilon (BE) Bucknell University 11/22/1930 Inactive
Beta Zeta (BZ) University of Ohio 5/6/1933 Inactive
Beta Eta (BH) Brooklyn College 12/29/1934 Active
Beta Theta (BΘ) Franciscan University of Steubenville 7/12/1948 Active
Beta Iota (BI) Utica College of Syracuse University 4/7/1949 Active
Beta Kappa (BK) Long Island University (Brooklyn) 5/9/1949 Inactive
Beta Lambda (BΛ) St. Francis University 11/01/1949 Active
Beta Mu (BM) DePaul University 10/18/1950 Active
Beta Nu (BN) University of Miami 12/4/1950 Inactive
Beta Xi (BΞ) New Jersey Institute of Technology 3/29/1952 Inactive
Beta Omicron (BO) Youngstown State University 3/1/1953 Active
Beta Pi (BΠ) St. John's University (Jamaica, Queens) 6/5/1959 Active
Beta Rho (BP) Gannon University 11/8/1959 Active
Beta Sigma (BΣ) St. Francis College 11/30/1962 Active
Beta Tau (BT) Fairmont State College 3/24/1973 Inactive
Beta Upsilon (BY) George Washington University 8/23/1977 Inactive
Beta Phi (BΦ) Rowan University of New Jersey 8/22/1978 Inactive
Beta Chi (BΧ) SUNY College of Technology 8/22/1978 Inactive
Beta Psi (BΨ) Catholic University of America 8/21/1979 Inactive
Beta Omega (BΩ) Pace University - NYC 8/21/1979 Inactive
Gamma Beta (ΓB) University of Illinois at Chicago 8/21/1979 Inactive
Gamma Gamma (ΓΓ) Behrend College - Penn State 8/19/1980 Inactive
Gamma Delta (ΓΔ) Waynesburg College 8/19/1980 Inactive
Gamma Epsilon (ΓE) Cleveland State University 8/17/1981 Inactive
Gamma Zeta (ΓZ) Villanova University 8/16/1982 Inactive
Gamma Eta (ΓH) College of New Jersey 8/24/1984 Inactive
Gamma Theta (ΓΘ) Eastern University 8/20/1985 Inactive
Gamma Iota (ΓI) Pace University (Pleasantville, NY) 2/27/1987 Active
Gamma Kappa (ΓK) College of Staten Island 2/27/1987 Active
Gamma Lambda (ΓΛ) Fordham University (Lincoln Center) 2/27/1987 Inactive
Gamma Mu (ΓM) Richard Stockton College of New Jersey 2/27/1987 Active
Gamma Nu (ΓN) William Paterson University of New Jersey 8/22/1987 Active
Gamma Xi (ΓΞ) Southern Connecticut State University 8/22/1987 Active
Gamma Omicron (ΓO) Stony Brook University 8/22/1987 Active
Gamma Pi (ΓΠ) Ramapo College of New Jersey 8/22/1989 Active
Gamma Rho (ΓP) Baruch College 8/22/1989 Active
Gamma Sigma (ΓΣ) St. John's University (Staten Island) 8/22/1989 Active
Gamma Tau (ΓT) Neumann University 8/22/1989 Inactive
Gamma Upsilon (ΓY) Fordham University (Rosehill) 2/16/1990 Inactive
Gamma Phi (ΓΦ) NYIT Old Westbury 8/20/1990 Inactive
Gamma Chi (ΓX) Delaware State University 2/16/1991 Inactive
Gamma Psi (ΓΨ) University of Connecticut 2/16/1991 Inactive
Gamma Omega (ΓΩ) University of Georgia 2/16/1991 Inactive
Delta Beta (ΔB) Rutgers University (New Brunswick) 8/29/1993 Active
Delta Gamma (ΔΓ) Philadelphia University 8/29/1991 Inactive
Delta Delta (ΔΔ) Wesley College 8/29/1991 Active
Delta Epsilon (ΔE) John Jay College of Criminal Justice 2/14/1992 Active
Delta Zeta (ΔZ) St. Peter's College 2/14/1992 Inactive
Delta Eta (ΔH) Adelphi University 2/14/1992 Inactive
Delta Theta (ΔΘ) Marist College 2/14/1992 Active
Delta Iota (ΔI) King's College 8/22/1992 Inactive
Delta Kappa (ΔK) SUNY Binghamton 8/22/1992 Inactive
Delta Lambda (ΔΛ) New York Institute of Technology 2/13/1993 Inactive
Delta Mu (ΔM) University of South Flordia 2/13/1993 Inactive
Delta Nu (ΔN) Eastern Connecticut State University 8/18/1993 Active
Delta Xi (ΔΞ) Seton Hall University 8/18/1993 Active
Delta Omicron (ΔO) Rutgers University (Newark) 2/14/1994 Active
Delta Pi (ΔΠ) Embry Riddle Aeronautical University 2/14/1994 Inactive
Delta Rho (ΔP) SUNY Oneonta 8/20/1996 Active
Delta Sigma (ΔΣ) Tufts University 8/5/1997 Inactive
Delta Tau (ΔT) Roger Williams University 4/10/1999 Inactive
Delta Upsilon (ΔY) Robert Morris University 4/101/1999 Active (Colony)
Delta Phi (ΔΦ) University of Indianapolis 4/6/2002 Inactive
Delta Chi (ΔΧ) University of Colorado 4/5/2003 Active
Delta Psi (ΔΨ) Lynn University 4/5/2003 Active
Delta Omega (ΔΩ) University of Northern Colorado 3/29/2013 Inactive
Epsilon Beta (EB) LaSalle University 4/2/2005 Active
Epsilon Gamma (EΓ) Saint Joseph's College (New York) - Long Island 2/16/2013 Active
Epsilon Epsilon (EE) Saint Joseph's College - Brooklyn Active (Colony)
Epsilon Delta (EΔ) SUNY Farmingdale Active (Colony)