The Economy of Dorvik is a hybrid economy of free market and command-economy elements, corporations in Dorvik are governed by Dorvish Corporate Law (Dundorfian: Dorvisch Gesellschaftsrecht) and are registered with the Dorvish Ministry of Finance in the Dorvish Corporate Register (Dundorfian: Handelsregister). Corporations, stock exchanges, banks and any other "business" as codified underneath Dorvish Corporate Law are overseen by the Ministry of Finance's State Financial Supervisory Service. (Dundorfian: Staatliche Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht)

Government ownedEdit

Stock exchangesEdit



  • Ebner AG (Telecommunications, communications and internet services)
  • BismarckPaulus AG (Consumer products)
  • Artanian Continental (Airline services, Headquartered out of Dorvik provides services to Artanian continent)
  • Artanian Defense Group SA (Defense research, production and technical services - 58% ADG, 20% Dorvish, 10% Rutanian, 7% Ibutho, 5% Dundorfian, Headquartered out of Dorvik but registered as a Societas Artaniae)
  • Theil-Hassel Technologies GmbH (Heavy industrial production, namely defense-related tanks, self-propelled artillery but also produces other heavy vehicles)
  • Kasmetall AG (Automotive and defense production)
  • FärberKiesel AG (Automotive and defense production)
  • Dorvish Airways (Airline services, Headquartered out of Dorvik provides services to Artanian continent & Intercontinental flights)
  • Dorvische Werft (Shipbuilding)
  • Defense Export Group (Split between government control and private control, used as a means to have private sector-public sector discussion on military sales which need to be approved by the Dorvish government)