Total population
82 million
Regions with significant populations
Template:Flagicon image Dorvik
     Template:Flagicon image Miktar
     Template:Flagicon image Kordusia
     Template:Flagicon image Largonia
     Template:Flagicon image Dorvan
     Template:Flagicon image Mothar

19.3 million
17.8 million
18.1 million
6.5 million
5.2 million
Lorman language
Reformed Hosian Church of Dorvik
Related ethnic groups
Dorvish, Dundorfians

The Lorman (Lorman: Lormaniskas) are a Dundorfianized Kerisian ethnic group native to eastern Artania primarily in located in the former Kingdom of Kruthia, they have now relocated primarily throughout Dorvik in the southern portion of Miktar and Largonia. The Lormans were the remnants of people left over from the Kerisian Raids that settled on the eastern coast of Artania. The Lorman Tribe was a Dundorfian tribe in the early period that would migrate and settle there, eventually the two groups would inter-mingle with each other and formulate the modern Lorman language.


The Lormans have an ancestral warrior past, this is what drove them to the Dorvish state as a whole. The Dorvish served as the leading military power in the Dundorfian Reich and provided hundreds of thousands of troops over the course of the history of the Dundorfian Reich. Lorman culture is paternalistic and revolves heavily around Dundorfian Junkers values, which aligned heavily with their already established beliefs from their warrior culture. The Lorman culture is survived by the Lorman Cultural Organization which is an active group within Dorvik that promotes and educates the Dorvish people on it's relatively medium sized Lorman population.

Lorman culture is naturally autocratic but does believe in equality for all Lormans, despite social class, profession and sometimes religion. Religion plays a major part in the belief of the Lormans and while the majority are considered religious, they are not considered to be overtly religious as a recent survey noted that 70% do not attend church but do have a belief in a supreme being. The Lorman culture founded the Reformed Hosian Church of Dorvik and continue to take leadership within the church. The church itself is focused on a blend of Dundorfian paganism and Northern paganist beliefs with a supreme being at its head. It is considered to be a Ameliorate Hosian church.

OOC NotesEdit

Lormans, while originally based of early Prussians were switched in 2016 to be based off of Baltic-Germans to be more appropriate with the renovation of the History of Artania and the History of Dundorf as a whole. Dorvish (ethnicity) were switched to be modern Prussians rather than Baltic-Germans to appropriately align them with the new history.