in Dorvik many of the Dorvish government agencies follow the civil service rank of the Dorvish government including the Armed Forces of Dorvik as well as the Dorvish security service, they are all considered to be part of the civil service of the Dorvish government and underneath the auspices of the Federal Chancellors office, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Federal Administration Agency.

Dorvish Armed ForcesEdit

Category Dorvish Army
Dorvische Landwehr
Dorvish Air Force
Dorvische Fliegertruppe
Dorvish Navy
Dorvische Marine
General Field Marshal (Generalfeldmarschall) No equivalent Grand Admiral (Großadmiral)
Colonel-General (Generaloberst) Colonel-General (Generaloberst) General-Admiral (Generaladmiral)
General (General) General (General) Admiral (Admiral)
Lieutenant General (Generalleutnant) Lieutenant General (Generalleutnant) Vice Admiral (Vizeadmiral)
Major General (Generalmajor) Major General (Generalmajor) Counter Admiral (Konteradmiral)
No equivalent No equivalent Commodore (Kommodore)
Colonel (Oberst) Colonel (Oberst) Captain of the Sea (Kapitän zur See)
Lieutenant Colonel (Oberstleutnant) Lieutenant Colonel (Oberstleutnant) Frigate Captain (Fregattenkapitän)
Major (Major) Major (Major) Corvette Captain (Korvettenkapitän)
Captain (Hauptmann) Captain (Hauptmann) Lieutenant Captain (Kapitänleutnant)
Senior Lieutenant (Oberleutnant) Senior Lieutenant (Oberleutnant) Senior Lieutenant of the Sea (Oberleutnant zur See)
Lieutenant (Leutnant) Lieutenant (Leutnant) Lieutenant of the Sea (Leutnant zur See)
Officer candidates
Senior Ensign (Oberfähnrich)
Serving as an acting lieutenant prior to commissioning.
Senior Ensign (Oberfähnrich) Senior Midshipman (Oberfähnrich zur See)
Field Guide (Officer Candidate) (Feldwebel (Offizier-Anwärter)) Field Guide (Officer Candidate) (Feldwebel (Offizier-Anwärter)) Midshipman (Fähnrich zur See)
Subordinate Officer (Officer Candidate) (Unteroffizier (Offizier-Anwärter)) Subordinate Officer (Officer Candidate) (Unteroffizier (Offizier-Anwärter)) No equivalent
Gefreiter (Officer Applicant) (Gefreiter (Offizier-Bewerber)) Gefreiter (Officer Applicant) (Gefreiter (Offizier-Bewerber)) No equivalent
Rifleman (Officer Applicant) (Schütze (Offizier-Bewerber)) Rifleman (Officer Applicant) (Schütze (Offizier-Bewerber)) Midshipman (Seekadett)
Senior NCOs
Unteroffiziere mit Portepee
No equivalent No equivalent Chief Petty Officer (13 years of service) (Stabsoberbootsmann)
Staff Field Guide (Stabsfeldwebel) Staff Field Guide (Stabsfeldwebel) Chief Petty Officer (Oberbootsmann)
Senior Field Guide (Oberfeldwebel) Senior Field Guide (Oberfeldwebel) Petty Officer, 1st Class (12 years of service) (Stabsbootsmann)
Field Guide (Feldwebel) Field Guide (Feldwebel) Petty Officer, 1st Class (Bootsmann)
Junior NCOs
Unteroffiziere ohne Portepee
Junior Field Guide (Unterfeldwebel) Junior Field Guide (Unterfeldwebel) Petty Officer, 2nd Class (Oberbootsmannsmaat)
Subordinate officer (Unteroffizier) Subordinate officer (Unteroffizier) Petty Officer, 3rd Class (Bootsmannsmaat)
Staff Exempted (Stabsgefreiter) Staff Exempted (Stabsgefreiter) Seaman 1st class (with 8 years time-in-service) (Matrosenoberstabsgefreiter)
Senior Exempted (Obergefreiter) Senior Exempted (Obergefreiter) Seaman 1st class (with 6 years time-in-service) (Matrosenstabsgefreiter)
Exempted (Gefreiter) Exempted (Gefreiter) Seaman 1st class (with 4 ½ years time-in-service) (Matrosenhauptgefreiter)
Senior Soldier (Obersoldat) Senior Flyer (Oberflieger) Seaman 1st class (Matrosenobergefreiter)
Soldier (Soldat) Flyer (Flieger) Seaman 2nd class (Matrosengefreiter)

Dorvish General-officer branchesEdit

Dorvish officers who rise to the rank of General are "General of the branch" which means that they have a specific branch of their respective branch of the service that they became a General in, this only applies to General's of the Landwehr and the Fliegertruppe. Only in the Dorvish Air Force does their exist a "General der Fliegertruppe" which is a General in general service to the air force. The Dorvish Navy does not make usage of this.

Dorvish Landwehr

  • General der Grenadier
  • General der Panzergrenadier
  • General der Panzertruppe
  • General der Nachrichtentruppe
  • General der Pioniere
  • General der Aufklärung or General der Panzeraufklärungs
  • General der Artillerie
  • General der Jäger
  • General der Feldjäger

Dorvish Fliegertruppe

  • General der Fliegertruppe (Traditionally an administrative rank granted to those who do not fit into a specific category)
  • General der Flieger (Aviators)
  • General der Fallschirmtruppe (Airborne troops)
  • General der Flakartillerie (Anti-air and air defense forces)

Military medical servicesEdit

Human medicine Dentistry Pharmacy Veterinary Standard equivalent
Generaloberstabsarzt (Army/Air Force)
Admiraloberstabsarzt (Navy)
NA NA NA Generalleutnant (Army/Air Force)
Vizeadmiral (Navy)
Generalstabsarzt (Army/Air Force)
Admiralstabsarzt (Navy)
NA NA NA Generalmajor (Army/Air Force)
Konteradmiral (Navy)
Generalarzt (Army/Air Force)
Admiralstabsarzt (Navy)
Generalarzt (Army/Air Force)
Admiralarzt (Navy)
Generalapotheker (Army/Air Force)
Admiralapotheker (Navy)
NA Generalmajor (Army/Air Force)
Kommodore (Navy)
Oberstarzt (Army/Air Force)
Flottenarzt (Navy)
Oberstarzt (Army/Air Force)
Flottenarzt (Navy)
Oberstapotheker (Army/Air Force)
Flottenapotheker (Navy)
Oberstveterinär (Army/Air Force) Oberst (Army/Air Force)
Kapitän zur See (Navy)
Oberfeldarzt (Army/Air Force)
Flottillenarzt (Navy)
Oberfeldarzt (Army/Air Force)
Flottillenarzt (Navy)
Oberfeldapotheker (Army/Air Force)
Flottillenapotheker (Navy)
Oberfeldveterinär (Army/Air Force) Oberstleutnant (Army/Air Force)
Fregattenkapitän (Navy)
Oberstabsarzt (Army/Air Force)
Oberstabsarzt (Navy)
Oberstabsarzt (Army/Air Force)
Oberstabsarzt (Navy)
Oberstabsapotheker (Army/Air Force)
Oberstabsapotheker (Navy)
Oberstabsveterinär (Army/Air Force) Major (Army/Air Force)
Korvettenkapitän (Navy)
Stabsarzt (Army/Air Force)
Stabsarzt (Navy)
Stabsarzt (Army/Air Force)
Stabsarzt (Navy)
Stabsapotheker (Army/Air Force)
Stabsapotheker (Navy)
Stabsveterinär (Army/Air Force) Hauptmann (Army/Air Force)
Kapitänleutnant (Navy)

Other ranked services of the Dorvish stateEdit

Dorvish Police
Dorvische Polizei
Criminal Investigative Police
State Customs Administration
Staatliche Zollverwaltung
State Security Service
Colonel-General of Police (Generaloberst der Polizei) State Criminal Director (Staatskriminaldirektor) Chief Inspector (Chefinspekteur) State Security Director (Staatssicherheitsdirektor)
General of Police (General der Polizei) Senior Criminal Director (Oberstkriminaldirektor) Head Inspector (Hauptinspekteur) Senior State Security Director (Oberststaatssicherheitsdirektor)
Lieutenant General of Police (Generalleutnant der Polizei) Head Criminal Councilor (Oberkriminalrat) Inspector (Inspekteur) Head State Security Councilor (Oberstaatssicherheitsrat)
Major General of Police (Generalmajor der Polizei) Criminal Councilor (Kriminalrat) Senior Councilor (Oberrat) Security Councilor (Sicherheitsrat)
Colonel of Police (Oberst der Polizei) Criminal Director (Kriminaldirektor) Councilor (Rat) Head Security Leader (Hauptsicherheitsführer)
Lieutenant Colonel of Police (Oberstleutnant der Polizei) Senior Criminal Councilor (Hauptkriminalrat) Head Commissar (Hauptkommissar) Senior Security Leader (Obersicherheitsführer)
Major of Police (Major der Polizei) Criminal Councilor (Kriminalrat) Senior Commissar (Oberkommissar) Security Leader (Sicherheitsführer)
Captain of Police (Hauptmann der Polizei) Senior Criminal Commissar (Hauptkriminalkommissar) Commissar (Kommissar) Junior Security Leader (Untersicherheitsführer)
Senior Lieutenant of Police(Oberleutnant der Polizei) Criminal Commissar (Kriminalkommissar) Under Commissar (Unterkommissar) Senior Security Commissar (Obersicherheitskommissar)
Lieutenant of Police(Leutnant der Polizei) No equivalent Head Secretary (Hauptsekretär) Security Commissar (Sicherheitskommissar)
Master(Meister) Criminal Inspector (Kriminalinspektor) Senior Secretary (Obersekretär) Head Security Secretary (Obersicherheitssekretär)
Chief watch master (Hauptwachtmeister) Head Criminal Secretary (Kriminalobersekretär) Secretary(Sekretär) Security Secretary (Sicherheitssekretär)
Senior watch master (Oberwachtmeister) Criminal Secretary (Kriminalsekretär) Under Secretary (Untersekretär) Senior Security Man (Oberstsicherheitsmann)
Watch master (Wachtmeister) Head Criminal Assistant (Kriminaloberassistent) Senior Assistant (Oberassisent) Head Security Man (Hauptsicherheitsmann)
Team master (Rottmeister) Criminal Assistant (Kriminalassistent) Assistant (Assistent) Senior Security Man (Obersicherheitsmann)
Junior watch master (Unterwachtmeister) No equivalent Under Assistant (Unterassistent) Security Man (Sicherheitsmann)
Candidate (Anwärter) No equivalent No equivalent No equivalent


In the Dundorfian, later Dorvish military Waffenfarbe (Dundorfian: "corps colour") is a means the armed forces use to distinguish between different corps or troop functions in its armed services. The Waffenfarbe might be the colour of the collar patch, of the piping (coloured edging) around the shoulder boards or shoulder marks and — for enlisted ranks — of the piping around the collar and the garrison cap (Schiffchen). (In the latter places, NCO's wear cords of dark gold, officers silver, and generals gold.) Currently, only the Dorvish Army and the Dorvish Police make extensive use of the Waffenfarbe, the Dorvish Air Force make limited use while the Dorvish Navy do not distinguish with Waffenfarbe.

Dorvish Army Information Colour
General Officers Scarlet
Supreme General Staff Carmine
Infantry (Grenadier)

Mechanized Infantry (Panzergrenadier)

Armored troops Rose-pink
Armored reconnaissance
Military communications and military intelligence Light brown
War Correspondents
Public Affairs officers
Golden yellow
Feldjager (Military police) Dark green
Medical services Light blue
Jager (special forces) Dark blue
Pioniere (Engineers of all kinds)
Supply troops
Panzerjager (anti-tank)

Uniforms and uniform patternsEdit

Dorvish Digital Camouflage - Forest
Digital-Tarnung - Wald
Dorvish Digital Camouflage - Forest II
Digital-Tranug - Wald II
Dorvish Digital Camouflage - Arid Forest
Digital-Tarnung - Trocken Wald
Dorvish Digital Camouflage - Desert
Digital-Tarnung - Wüste
Dorvish Digital Camouflage - Special
Digital-Tarnung - Spezial
Dorvish Digital Camouflage - Special
Digital-Tarnung - Spezial II
Dorvish Digital Camouflage - Urban
Digital-Tarnung - Stadt
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