The National Assembly of Takistan (Takis: مجمع ملی از تاکستان, Majlisi milli Takiestan) is the lower house of the Supreme Assembly of Takistan. It is comprised of 375 directly elected representatives, each hailing from a certain constituency.

Leadership and compositionEdit

  • Speaker of the National Assembly of Takistan - Usman El-Hashem, People's Democratic Party (Takistan)
  • Takistan National Democratic Party representatives - Mansur El-Ghazzawy and Abu Saqqaf
  • People's Democratic Party representative - Faraj Zaman
  • Conservative Party representative - Bassam Hussain
  • Socialist Party of Takistan representative - Jinan Zaman
  • Takistan Social Democratic Party representative - Shahzad Kader
  • Democratic Unionist Party representative - Amjad Tawfeek
  • Islamic Party representative - Usman Abdulrashid
  • Takistan People's Party representative - Faris Darzi

e • d Summary of the 7 October 2009 Supreme Assembly of Takistan elections
Parties and blocs Leader Seats State Council Government or Opposition
National Front Alliance (الجبهة الوطنية التحالف, Al-Gabha Al-Watany Al-Tahalof) Various 250 3 Government
Takistan People's Party (Hizb Al-Shaab Takiestan) Faris Darzi 75 1 Opposition
Islamic Party (Takistan) (Hizb al-Islamiyya) Usman Abdulrashid 40 1 Opposition
Left Alliance (اليسار التحالف, Tayasaz Al-Tahalof) Various 10 3 Opposition
Total (turnout 62.02%) 375 8
Source: National Elections Commission of Takistan