The Order of the Knights of Dundorf (Dundorfian: Ritterorden von Dundorf) also known as the Knights of Dundorf (Dundorfian: Ritterdundorfischer) were a military order founded during the medieval period. The Order of Knights of Dundorf were founded around 1159 AD and continue to exist to this day as a religious order of the Confessional Ameliorate Church of Dundorf. While this order was an active military order it was considered one of the most prestigious and highly regarded military orders in the world. Many members of the Order of the Knights of Dundorf are leading Dundorfian or Volksdundorfische men throughout Artania and the world today. While todays order does not require recipients to be Confessional Ameliorate, it does require that they pay a higher contribution to their membership as a means of making up for their lack of faith.

Today's order maintains lodges throughout the former Dundorfian Reich and these lodges are actively in charge of recruiting new members and finding members suitable to carry on the sacred duties of the Knights of Dundorf. The order is considered to be a secret society more and more as its teachings, while partially public are not entirely public. The Order of the Knights of Dundorf maintains close relations with the Artanian Order, an organization dedicated to Dundorfian culture founded by Raymond Petrov of the Communist Party of Dorvik (Modern).

The Order of the Knights of Dundorf is headed by the Grandmaster of the Order of the Knights of Dundorf (Dundorfian: Großmeister des Ordens der Ritter von Deutschland) which is elected by all full members of the order. The Order of the Knights of Dundorf is highly hierarchical like many other organizations of the Dundorfian Reich and maintains that its hierarchy be pure and honorable without favoritism for any.