The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Nations is an international organization of nations which export petroleum. The organization is commonly known by the acronym OPEN for Organization of Petroleum Exporting Nations. OPEN was created in 3590 by members of the Dorvish Oil Company and the State Oil Company of Jakania with the assistance of the Majatran Organization for Industrialization. The opening meeting of OPEN was attended by representatives from the current 5 exporters of petroleum in the world.


Representatives from the Dorvish state-owned oil company had been in contact with other exporting members of petroleum throughout the world primarily with the Jakania state-owned oil corporation which it had helped set up and called for a meeting in Haldor, Kordusia where the first meeting of OPEN was held. The first meeting saw the charter of the organization drawn up and created. The organization would be headed by a President and a Secretary-General, the President would be the overall head of the organization while the Secretary-General would head the OPEN Secretariat.

Shortly after the first meeting the organization built it's first headquarters in Haldor where the charter was signed. The organization has prospered.


The President and the Secretary-General are elected for two-year terms by the members of the Executive Council of the Secretariat, which has a representative from each member country.

Current membersEdit

Country Region Joined OPEN Major corporations
Kingdom of Dorvik Artania 3500 Dorvish Oil Company
Federated Zardic States of Jakania Majatra 3500 State Oil Company of Jakania
Majatran Republic of Al'Badara Majatra 3500 Petroleum Development Al'Badara
Cildanian Republic Majatra 3500 Offshore Industry Limited Company
Majatran People's Republic of Kafuristan Majatra 3500 Kafuri National Oil Company