Presidential Council
المجلس الرئاسي
Formed DATES
Employees ~250
executive Abdul Quddoos Shahidi, Chairman

The Presidential Council (Majatran: المجلس الرئاسي) in Badara is an advisory body to the President of the Majatran Republic of Al'Badara; it is composed of 10 members who serve as advisors to the President in various fields. Members of the Presidential Council are appointed by the President and dismissed at his will. The Presidential Council was first formed by President NAME as a means to centralizing his administration over the government in Badara.


Incumbent Office Term Political ideology
Abdul Quddoos Shahidi Chairman of the Presidential Council DATES National conservative, nationalist
Faisal Shams Vice Chairman of the Presidential Council DATES Ba'athist
Shaheed Yousif Presidential Councilor for Economics DATES National conservative, nationalist
Waseem Kader Presidential Councilor for Foreign Affairs DATES National conservative, nationalist
Arhab Azzam Presidential Councilor for National Defense DATES Ba'athist
Rashaad Jabara Presidential Councilor for Trade, Industry and the Environment DATES National conservative, nationalist
Muhsin Assad Presidential Councilor for Religious and Cultural Affairs DATES Pan-Majatran
Raafi Jafri Presidential Councilor for Internal Security DATES Ba'athist
Abdur Raqeeb Younes Presidential Councilor for Health, Social Services and Youth DATES Ba'athist
Dhaakir Rahmani Presidential Councilor for Natural Resources and Petroleum DATES Ba'athist