Social Nationalism is a political theory developed by Sergei Petrov, a member of the Dorvish political dynasty. The Dorvish Social Nationalist Party was founded in the wake of the release of Sergei's manifesto and book on social nationalism. Social nationalism is not necessarily a new ideology but a grouping of views that has developed over time.

Social nationalism can be counted as a syncretic political ideology as it combines the views of many different ideologies however has a common base in moderate politics. Social nationalist thought cannot be confined to specific terms, however political experts have stated that social nationalist believe in a strong-effective central government, a form of state capitalism or interventionist policy in the economy and a well funded military. Social nationalist in Dorvik have developed what they call "social capitalism" sometimes known as Dorvish capitalism, which has developed along the lines of the united and often nationalistic, union-based Dorvish people.

Socially the social nationalist show their liberal side, in believing in such things as being pro-choice and the belief in a well developed and effective social welfare program. Education to social nationalist is a paramount part of the ideology and they believe that a well developed schooling system will propel the nation forward.

The center piece to Social nationalism however is Dorivsh nationalism, the Dorvish are a people united through a common ancestry and a common language. Though the Dorvish are made up of three primary ethnic groups the groups eventually united in their love for their country in a series of events throughout Dorvish history. Dorvish nationalism espouses a united front and common altruistic feeling towards other Dorvish citizens.

Social welfareEdit

Social Nationalist believe in the development of an effective social welfare state, it takes this belief from German Conservatives. Social Nationalist believe that the establishment of a social welfare state include but are not limited to: pensions, accident insurance, health care and unemployment insurance. It advocates that it is the governments right to provide social welfare programs for the people but only if the people use them appropriately. Appropriately constitutes that people attempt to get themselves off the system rather then leeching onto it, through promotion of job training and career development these programs would help people gain jobs with benefits and pensions which would free up space for more people to come onto the system if needbe. Those who cannot help themselves are not considered to be in-appropriately using the system.