Staatsplatz (Dundorfian: State Square) is the name of one of the largest square in Dorvik, it connects the State Chancellery building (Dorvik) and the Petrov Building. It is a public location and a high-traffic area for tourists. Despite the ever growing security concerns the Dorvish government has maintained that they will keep the square public unless a serious event occurs that endangers the people or government of the Dorvish Republic.

Staatsplatz was first built in the early 1800s to house the home of the Haldorian government but in the mid-1800s was torn down and replaced with the early version of the State Chancellery building which would eventually go on to be renovated nearly a dozen times before entering its current state. The State Executive Building (Dorvik) is the home to offices of the various ministries that work alongside the Council of Ministers (Dorvik) and the State Council (Dorvik). The Petrov Building is the home to the national legislature of the Dorvish Republic, it is a massive complex comparable in size to the State Chancellery building.