State Commercial Bank
Staat Kommerzbank
Type Aktiengesellschaft
Traded as DSE: SKB
Industry Banking, Financial services
Founded 1819, Dundorf
Headquarters 11 Volksstraße, Haldor, Kordusia
Area served Dorvik, Aloria and Kirlawa
Key people Adolf Karg (Chairman)
Adalbert Manitius (CEO)
Services retail and commercial financing services, investment banking services, asset management & private banking services, credit cards
Employees 31,764

State Commercial Bank (Dundorfian: Staat Kommerzbank) is a banking and financial services company located in northern Artania in the countries of Dorvik, Kirlawa and Aloria. State Commercial Bank was founded by the Dorvish government in 1819 and was held by the Dorvish government until 1949 when it was sold off piece by piece, the sale earned the Dorvish government nearly Template:DDO1b DDO which was a massive boost for the government. Today the State Commercial Bank is held by various private owners, the Dorvish government overtime bought back a 10% share of the company which it retains today.

The State Commercial Bank offers a wide range of services to their customer and is considered a universal bank, as it conducts both commercial and investment services. The State Commercial Bank offers credit services and is one of the largest suppliers of the credit cards in Dorvik. The State Commercial Bank is traded on the Dorvish Stock Exchange as SKB, the Alorian National Exchange as SKB and the Uwakah Stock Exchange as SKB. The State Commercial Bank is one of the most popular Dorvish banks and is used by a large majority of the population, especially in poorer areas where the bank has its strongest customer base.