State Customs Administration
Staatliche Zollverwaltung
State Customs Administration
Logo of the State Customs Administration
Agency Overview
Formed September 19th, 3265
Jurisdiction Dorvik
Headquarters Haldor
Employees 25,000
Annual budget 3.7b DDO
Agency executive Alhard Windschuettl, Chief Inspector of the Federal Customs Administration
Parent department Ministry of Internal Affairs (Dorvik)

The State Customs Administration (Dundorfian: Staatliche Zollverwaltung) formerly the Federal Customs Administration (Dundorfian: Föderal Zollverwaltung; FZW) is a state agency of the Dorvish Ministry of the Interior tasked with regulating and facilitating international trade, collecting import duties, and enforcing Dorvish regulations, including trade, immigration and customs for the nation. The State Customs Administration is led by an appointed State Secretary of the Interior for the State Customs Administration, who bears the title of Chief Inspector of the State Customs Administration.

The State Customs Administration numbers around 25,000 employees, employees of the State Customs Administration are handled by the State Civil Service Administration. The State Customs Administration is divided into numerous departments which are responsible for handling dozens of different areas of trade, regulation as well as operations and policing actions. The organization underwent a massive reorganization underneath Chief Inspector Alhard Windschuettl underneath the direction of Dorvish President Tanus von Desidier.

The State Customs Administration alongside the Grenzschutzpolizei of the Dorvish Police are responsible for the protection of the Dorvish border and territorial integrity. The two work closely together to provide protection for the Dorvish border and the largest contingent are found alongside the Alorian-Dorvish and Kirlawan-Dorvish border.


The Dorvish Border Guard Troops were at first tasked alongside the Dorvish Coast Guard to regulate customs and imports into the country however the job was considered too much work for the two agencies thus the Dorvish Customs Administration was created in September 3265 to effectively end the question of workload.

Marcellus Rose was appointed Acting Chief Inspector of the Dorvish Customs Agency in which he organized the DCA along the lines of a paramilitary organization designed to combat illegal trade and prevent those who wish to violate the trade laws. It was Chief Inspector Rose who helped setup the Office of Customs in the Ministry of Finance and eventually the Office of Customs Persecution in the Ministry of Justice while having the Ministry of Internal Affairs retain full control.

The Federal Customs Administration for a decade went unchanged and slipped below the radar of the Dorvish Ministry of Internal Affairs, it was not until the Social Nationalist Party reformed the Dorvish Ministry of Internal Affairs where the First Deputy Minister of Defense was placed in charge of oversight of the Federal Customs Administration, this reformation took place in early March 3599 as a response to rising tensions in the region. The agency became armed and official law enforcement underneath the reformation, it also expanded its size tremendously growing to nearly 150,000 from a little under 30,000.


The State Customs Administration, as like any other Dorvish government agency has a tightly defined and ranked hierarchy. The Chief Inspector, who is appointed by the President of the Dorvish Republic with the recommendation of the Minister of the Interior, is the highest officer in the SCA. The Chief Inspector is responsible for the overall direction of the SCA as well as implementation of trade enforcement policies as well as ensuring that trade laws are followed.

The Chief Inspector appoints 5 Head Inspectors which are their representatives in each of the 5 regions of Dorvik, they are responsible for carry out the policies of the government as well as general policies of the SCA and are given great autonomy in the way that things are ran in their area of control. Beneath the Head Inspectors are Inspectors who are appointed to oversee major ports and trade areas within Dorvik, they are directly responsible for ensuring that trade enforcement and trade policies are carried out. Inspectors are also sometimes appointed as heads of offices of the SCA, though those positions are traditionally filled by Senior Councilor and Councilors. Inspectors are also sometimes tasked with special tasks and are prompted to reflect their special purpose, these Inspectors are known as Special Inspector (Dundorfian: Sonderinspektor)

The Operations Office gained control over an armed law enforcement force known as the Hafensicherungstruppen ("harbor security troops") and Lagersicherungstruppen ("warehouse security troops"). The Operations Office is headed by an Inspector who traditionally has close ties to the Dorvish Police's Grenzschutzpolizei as the two often cooperate together to ensure the territorial sovereignty of the Dorvish state. Members of the Hafensicherungstruppen and Lagersicherungstruppen are more heavily armed than the Dorvish's Grenzschutzpolizei aside from special heavily armed units.

  • Main Office of the Chief Inspector (Dundorfian: Hauptamt des Chefinspektor)
  • Central Office (Dundorfian: Zentralamt)
  • Trade Law Office (Dundorfian: Handelsrecht Amt)
  • Trade Finance and Taxation Office (Dundorfian: Handelsfinanzierungs und Finanzamt
  • International and State Regulation Office (Dundorfian: Internationale und Staatliche Regulierung Amt)
  • Land and Maritime Trade Office (Dundorfian: Land und Seeverkehrs Handelsamt)
  • Artanian Trade Office (Dundorfian: Artanischen Handelsamt)
  • Operations Office (Dundorfian: Betriebsamt) - Control the Hafensicherungstruppen ("harbor security troops") and Lagersicherungstruppen ("warehouse security troops") the armed police forces of the State Customs Administration.