State Security Service
State Security Service Badge
Seal and badge of the Dorvish Security Service
Agency Overview
Formed November 15th, 3281
Jurisdiction Dorvik
Headquarters Haldor
Employees 25,000
Annual budget Classified.

The State Security Service (Dundorfian: Staatssicherheitsdienst) formerly the Federal Security Service (FSS) (Dundorfian: Föderal Sicherheitsdienst; FSD) is the main domestic intelligence and security agency of the Dorvish Federation. It was founded in the wake of the assassination of Horst Mumbach, a Dorvish Republican politician. It was originally founded as the State Security Service (Dundorfian: Staat Sicherheitsdienst; SSD) better known as the SSD but switch to be the Federal Security Service at the foundation of the Dorvish Federation. It was reverted to its original name underneath the vast reforms of Bonifaz Voll who appointed a member of the von Petrov family at the head of the SSD for a second time. Regismund Augustus II von Petrov was appointed as the Director of the then Federal Security Service and oversaw its transformation back into the State Security Service.

The SSD and the FSD always acted as the internal intelligence agency of the Dorvish nation, they were responsible at one point for counter-terrorism, counter-intelligence and border security alongside the Dorvish Police, the Dorvish Internal Troops and the Federal Border Guard Service. Underneath Director von Petrov, the new SSD lost a plethora of its former power. The Dorvish Internal Troops were entirely disbanded and distributed among the new Security Police (Dundorfian: Schutzpolizei) of the Dorvish Police, the Federal Border Guard Service was disbanded and handed over to the Border Protection (Dundorfian: Grenzschutzpolizei) of the Dorvish Police as a means to consolidate that various agencies responsible for protecting Dorvik.

The State Security Service was continued as an independent government agency and von Petrov took the new title of General-Director of the State Security Service, similar to his older title. The State Security Service closed down their old building in Zitadelle and opened a new state of the art building in Haldor. The State Security Service attempted to foster closer ties wit the Ministry of the Interior of the Dorvish state due to von Petrov's relationship with the Ministry.

The SSD/FSD since it's creation has served as a driving force in the Dorvish military and security scene being responsible for the creation of the Dorvish Stability and Security Group as well as other agencies. Numerous members of the SSD/FSD are found throughout Dorvish politics and business, some political opponents of the SSD/FSD have cited that the SSD/FSD has become the source of "security nobility" for the Dorvish. Others have cited its often close relationship with the Dorvish Social Nationalist Party as problematic, however the SNP denies any ties within the organization expect a political working relationship.



The idea for a domestic security service was a goal of the Ministry of Internal Affairs since its inception however the creation of the Dorvish Internal Troops filled the role temporarily. The DSD wasn't pushed again until the assassination of Horst Mumbach, the Dorvish Republican spokesperson that finally heralded a call for the creation of such an organization.

Plamen Velitchkov was the Chief of Domestic Intelligence Service of the Foreign Intelligence Service (Dorvik), he soon came into contact with Marcellus Unterbrink, Minister of Internal Affairs who tasked him with creating an agency for domestic intelligence, security and protection. As acting Director of the Dorvish Security Service, a name he selected himself, he brought nearly 100 agents of the Domestic Intelligence Service of the Foreign Intelligence Service with him. They eventually became his chief builders and the organization was official created on November 15th, 3281.

Since its creation the DSD has claimed that it has stopped over "20 terrorist associated actions" and has fought organized crime to a point where it is manageable for the regional and nation police. Velitchkov is also responsible for opening regional offices in all of Dorviks sub-national entities and giving regional and local police access to the "National Dangerous Persons List".

In 3342 Nika Romanov took over the DSS, his immediate goal was to protect Dorvish's interest abroad and he set out to assist Kafuristan and the Kafuri Ba'athist in their struggle against the Black Scorpion Alliance, formerly the National Democratic Party (Kafuristan) who had illegally declared the Ahazi Republic in southern Kafuristan. Romanov served as the Dorvish Ambassador to Kafuristan and had continued the close relationship with the Ba'athist that the Dorvish Conservative Party. In March of 3347, Romanov started a 4 month tour and operation with Kafuristan to strengthen the newly created Revolutionary Abadi Republic of North Kafuristan. Reports surfaced during may that elements of the DSS's special operations division are operating in Central and Southern Kafuristan.

Under the Federal Administration Act of 3388 the DSD turned into the Federal Security Service and absorbed the Dorvish Border Guard Service which became the Federal Border Guard Service. The budget and size of the FSD increased nearly five-fold. Helmfried Ackermann as confirmed as the new Director of the Federal Security Service in 3388 after the organizations reformation. The Federal Security Service remained a relevant political and intelligence force as it assisted the Dorvish Federation in tracking down radical royalist who threatened the government of the growing Dorvish Federation but also worked closely with foreign governments to enhance their internal security procedures including Kafuristan, Kanjor and even allies such as Indrala.

In December 3745 Vitus Petrov was appointed as the Director of the Federal Security Service, shortly after his appointment he rolled out a massive re-organization of the FSS and in a press conference held at the agencies headquarters stated that the FSS would do all in its power to protect Dorvish citizens. The appointment was considered widely approved as the Petrov family retains incredible popularity with the Dorvish people and the Dorvish Social Nationalist. The reorganization seeks to make the organization much more powerful and opposition political experts in Dorvik have warned that the reorganization actually granted the FSS far greater authority than previously before; Vitus has dismissed these fears and stated that the service would act within Dorvish law.


The State Security Service was initially founded as a protection service for members of the Dorvish political scene, however the role changed and evolved as the Dorvish entered more and more into world affairs. The assassination of Horst Mumbach stayed at the core of the State Security Service's mission but evolved to include counter-terrorism and counter-intelligence operations within the Dorvish nation. The eventually formation of the Federal Security Service saw it take on a much greater, and nefarious role in Dorvish society. Despite the continued program of targeted killing by the Directors of the FSD, the program was ended by the General-Director von Petrov who stated "...we've come to enhance our opportunities at defending our nation, to assassinate and kill citizens of the Dorvish nation is by far a little harsh."

With the massive overhaul of the organization, it removed many of its former directorates and focused on counter-terrorism, counter-intelligence and VIP protection.

Organization and structureEdit

  • Main Office of the General-Director of the State Security Service
  • Central Department
  • Department "A" - Political Intelligence
    • A1 - Communist and Socialist
    • A2 - Liberals, Reactionaries and Leftist
    • A3 - Extremism and Counter-Extremism
  • Department "B" - Religious and Cult Intelligence
  • Department "C" - Political Protection Intelligence
    • C1 - Political Assassinations
  • Department "D" - Foreign counter-intelligence
  • Department "E" - Counter-terrorism unit
    • Einsatzkommando Rache (Special Commando Vengeance)
  • Department "F" - Electronics, Communications and Signals counter-intelligence
  • Department "G" - Technical research, doctrine and tactics