The State Security and Defense Council (Dundorfian: Staatssicherheit und Verteidigungsrat) formerly the Federal Security and Defense Council (Dorvish: Föderalen Sicherheit und Verteidigungsrat) and previously before that the Committee on Federal Security (Dorvish: Komitee für Föderal Sicherheit, KFS) is a consultative body of the Dorvish President that assists the President's decisions on security and defense policy. Though the committee yields no legal power, the President can issues directives to the respective ministries and agencies to do what is necessary to protect the nation. The committee is lead by the President but headed by the State Secretary for the State Security and Defense Council.

In October 3707 when the President Karsten von Gath was elected President and appointed Luitpold Reuter-Klause as the new Secretary of the Committee on Federal Security the President granted Reuter-Klause the authority to reform the committee. Reuter-Klause reformed the committee to be the primary security and defense policy board to the President. Reuter-Klause as the new secretary renamed the committee the Federal Security and Defense Council. Underneath the reform to the Dorvish Republic, it would be renamed the State Security and Defense Council with a State Secretary as its head.

Underneath the direction of State Secretary for the State Security and Defense Council Alvaricus Kalkbrenner the council expanded its membership by 11 new members, including adding the Minister of Foreign Affairs as well as adding the new Commander of the Leadership Escort Command. Secretary Kalkbrenner also used his influence with the ailing Dorvish President to give more authority to the SSDC to issue State Security and State Defense Directives which grant them involvement of crafting policy in matters of state security and defense, though they are non-binding it is often seen as binding.

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  • Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • State Secretary of Foreign Affairs for the Artanian Union

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