The Storm Battalion (Dundorfian: Sturmabteilung), known also as the SA, is the paramilitary organization of the Dundorfian Defense League following the passage of the "People's Defense Law" in May 3965 by the Freedom Party. The Storm Battalion, sometimes called the Storm Detachment was an organization formed to protect party members, protect party meetings and rallies and provide "camaraderie to members of the Dundorfian Defense League".

The Storm Battalion borrowed a similar organization from the Security Squadron and the Selbstschutzverband but with several changes, the organization was intrinsically more Royalist and Monarchist and felt that the Security Squadron was far too National Socialist to borrow anything from. Gauleiter Heiko Wagenknecht appointed former Volksarmee Major General Rainer Häberli as Stabschef of the SA.



Regional structureEdit

  • Dunberg Group
  • Northern Group (Nord Gruppe - Dunlake)
  • Middle Group (Mittelgruppe - Oderveld, minus Dunberg)

Organizational structureEdit

  • Oberste SA-Führung (Supreme SA-Command & Control)
  • Gruppe (Group): consisting of several brigades
  • Brigade: 3 to 9 Standarten (Standards)
  • Standarte (Standard, regiment sized unit): 3 to 5 Sturmbanne (Storm banns)
  • Sturmbann (Storm bann, battalion sized unit): 3 to 5 Stürme (Storms)
  • Sturm (Storm, company sized sub-unit): 3 to 4 Trupps (platoons)
  • Trupp (Trupp, platoon sized sub-unit): 3 to 4 Scharen (sections)
  • Schar (section): 1 to 2 Rotten (squads or teams)
  • Rotte (squad or team): 4 to 8 SA-Men/SA-Troopers
  • SA-Mann (SA-Man/SA-Trooper)

Rank structureEdit

  • SA-Mann
  • SA-Sturmmann
  • SA-Rottenführer
  • SA-Scharführer
  • SA-Oberscharführer
  • SA-Truppführer
  • SA-Obertruppführer
  • SA-Haupttruppführer
  • SA-Sturmführer
  • SA-Obersturmführer
  • SA-Hauptsturmführer
  • SA-Sturmbannführer
  • SA-Obersturmbannführer
  • SA-Standartenführer
  • SA-Oberführer
  • SA-Brigadeführer
  • SA-Gruppenführer
  • SA-Obergruppenführer
  • Stabschef-SA