Supreme Assembly of Takistan
مجمع عالی از تاکستان
Majlisi Oli Takiestan
7th Session of the Supreme Assembly of Takistan
October 7th, 2009 to October 7th, 2012
Coat of Arms of Takistan
HousesNational Assembly of Takistan
Takistan Stae Council
Speaker of the National AssemblyHOLDER, HOLDER
since HOLDER
Chairman of the Takistan State CouncilHOLDER, HOLDER
since HOLDER
Members375 (National Assembly)
15 (State Council)
National Assembly of Takistan Voting systemDirect popular election
Takistan State Council Voting systemAppointed
National Assembly of Takistan Last electionOctober 7th, 2009
Takistan State Council Last electionOctober 7th, 2009
Meeting place
Supreme Assembly Building
Misir Governorate
Web site

The Supreme Assembly of Takistan (Takistani: Majlisi Oli Takiestan, مجمع عالی از تاکستان) is the bicameral national legislature of the Republic of Takistan according the Takistani Constitution of 1991. It was preceded by the People's Assembly of the Takistan Soviet Socialist Republic. It consists of the National Assembly of Takistan, it's lower house and the Takistan State Council it's upper house. Both of these houses are located in Ajmah.


The Supreme Assembly of Takistan was originally created in 1991 after the declaration of independence by the Takistani Provisional Government. The constitution originally called for a single unicameral legislature but after much deliberation it was decided that a bicameral legislature would be more beneficial to the nation than a unicameral legislature. The lower house would be representative of the people and the upper house would be representatives of the states and the political parties which were part of the nations political system.


The Supreme Assembly has the powers of creating and passing legislation, the lower house of the assembly the National Assembly is responsible for appointing the Prime Minister of Takistan and dealing with the day-to-day issues that the common Takistani faces. The Takistan State Council is responsible for the protection of the democracy that has seemingly flourished in Takistan since it's independence in 1991.


The Supreme Assembly is lead by the Chairman of the Supreme Assembly, a position which is only in use when the two houses of the assembly are met. The Chairman of the Supreme Assembly is typically the eldest member of either house. The position is more ceremonial than it is powerful.